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One of the best ways to enhance your spiritual life is to attend retreats.  They range from a few hours to 30 days in length.  Below are the websites of Retreat Houses I have attended both for short programs and longer retreats.  I recommend that you browse their websites for programs, retreats, reflections, reading lists. Retreat houses are also a great source for referral to Spiritual Directors.

Loyola Jesuit Center in Morristown NJ

I offer some book and app titles you may find helpful.

On Spiritual Direction

A Friendship Like No Other, Experiencing God’s Amazing Embrace, by William Barry, SJ

Changed Heart, Changed World, The Transforming Freedom of Friendship with God, by William Barry, SJ

Praying Body and Soul, Methods and Practices of Anthony De Mello, adapted and enlarged by Gabriel Galache, SJ

Spiritual Direction, Wisdom for the Long Walk of Faith, by Henri Nouwen, Michael J. Christensen, and Rebecca Laird

God First Loved Us, The Challenge of Accepting Unconditional Love, by Antony F. Campbell, SJ.


Sacred Space, The Prayer Book, 2022 by The Irish Jesuits

Prayer, by Joyce Rupp

Praying with the Body, Bringing the Psalms to Life by Roy DeLeon, ObiSB

Images of God, Encountering the Divine Presence Through Visionary Prayer, by Maci Alborghetti

I Heard God Laugh, A Practical Guide of Life’s Essential Daily Habit, by Matthew Kelly


Prayer Apps:  Pray as You Go, by English Jesuits

                            Hallow, a Catholic Prayer and Meditation App


Weeds Among the Wheat, Discernment: Where Prayer and Action Meet, Thomas H. Green, SJ


Where the Hell is God? Richard Leonard, SJ (Foreward by James Martin, SJ)

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